We only support (officially) the following Operating Systems:

  1. MS Windows 7 (ALL SP)
  2. MS Windows 8 (ALL SP)
  3. MS Windows 10

Note: Windows XP, Windows ME, and anything older than Windows 7 will not work with the Launcher and therefore is not supported. It is possible to manually make these OS's work, but we do not support it. You would have to manually get the tre files, and live file. You would have to manually configure your resolution and etc.


It is possible to get it somewhat working on Linux with playonlinux. The update function did not work in this case, and you had to manually move the TRE files. 

We do not recommend you trying Linux unless you are good with Linux. Also, the video was a bit choppy at times and lag was present.


Mac OS

Maybe possible. Has not been attempted. You can try, we can offer no assistance or advice at all.

If you need help with a supported OS's, please create a ticket. If you list a non-supported OS, we will refer you to forums and not spend time assisting.