The SWG profile directory is one of the most important things you have on your local machine.

What is it?

The profile directory contains folders and character information for every character you play on SWG Resurrection (or any EMU server for that matter under the client install). One of the main files

people do not like to lose is their macro file and notes. All of those files reside in the profile directory.

Where is the directory?

The profile directory is located at "c:\swgresurrection\profiles"

How do I back it up if I need to re-install?

Backing up the profile directory is very easy. Simply copy/paste is to another location or zip the file up and move it. To restore, with the launcher and client closed, paste the profile directory right on top of this one.

What happens if I accidentally delete the directory?

This would be unfortunate, but not a big deal. You would lose all of your character macros, notes, and local cached images. All of that will be recreated on next login for the characters. But, you would lose everything you had.

How can I share profile directories between two computers?

This is a little tricky, but can be done. Currently, I just move my profile directory from my desktop to laptop to play. You can also go into the folders for your character names, and just grab a notes or macros file and copy them over if needed. You should use a network share, dropbox, or email the files to yourself.

May the force be with you!