To provide terms of service that you, as a user of the services, agree to by creating an account and/or character, or the SWG Resurrection server(s).


"SWG Resurrection" is also known as "The SWG Resurrection Project" and refers to the same project.

This document also is known as "Code of Conduct"

The following document references "SWG Resurrection" and all property, whether "virtual or real". A "user" is defined as a real person who partakes of the services provided by The SWG Resurrection Project whether real or "virtual".

The term "SWG" implies the Star Wars Galaxies game created by Sony Online Entertainment, and ceased operations in 2011-2012.

The term "Ban" refers to a temporary or permanment suspension of access to SWG Resurrection servers.

The term "character freeze" or "freeze" refers to a temporary suspension of a characters ability to talk, walk, or interact in the game. This is a method used to stop immediate flooding or harassment.

The term "Admin" refers to a game Administrator - the highest level of supervisors and operators of the game. They will have a tag of "Admin" in their title.

The term "Dev" refers to a game Developer. They develop and control the game from a quality and play-ability standpoint. They will have a tag of "Dev" in their title.

The term "CSR" can refer to a number of designations. Customer Services Rep, or general Customer Service person. These members typically ensure the community is work operating properly and can take administrative actions to freeze or ban accounts as they seen fit. You would be notified of the policy broken if you are banned. They will have a tag of "CSR/CSI/or CS?" in their title.


The SWG Resurrection Project, or SWG Resurrection, is a hosted emulator server based of SWGEmu, a open sources server emulator for the now defunct Star Wars Galaxies MMORPG game.

By playing SWG Resurrection, the user or client acknowledges and agrees to the following:

  • I understand that I am playing on a virtual server with virtual items. The owner/operator makes NO guarantees as to the uptime, availability, or accessibility of said servers, virtual items, characters, accounts, virtual inventories, or anything else I collect by playing the game.
  • SWG Resurrection makes no guarantees or other promises as to the quality of connection to the servers. Connection and ping rates highly depending on many things including bandwidth, firewalls, client PC, server load, weather conditions, and other factors typically out of control by either the Admins and Devs or clients.
  • I understand that is a "privilege" and not a "right" to play on this server. I will abide by the code of conduct.
  • I agree to hold SWG Resurrection operators, owners, other players, admins, CSRs, or anyone else I meet online, whatsoever, accountable for anything. I realize this is strictly a game and there are no warrants on my rights or ability to play the game. By creating a character here, I agree to this. 
  • The SWG Resurrection Project formally owns all items, virutal or real, that are created or generated by any character playing this game, I realize I have no real ownership outside of my character for the said items.
  • I agree and understand that I do not actually "own" anything in the virtual world. This includes accounts, characters, character inventories, housing, or any other virtually-created object. I understand this and agree. No matter how long, what investments (whether it was monetary or time based) in which I put into the game.
  • I agree and understand that I can be "banned" at anytime for breaking any rules. A "ban" can mean a permanent ban, or semi ban. I also understand that my objects and items in game can be deleted, without question, by admins.
  • If I am caught cheating, engaging in behavior the game was not designed for, or manipulating services or programming glitches "bugs", I can be suspended or banned. I agree to play with integrity and will ask if something is considered "improper".
  • I will not excessively flood or "spam" communication channels in SWG Resurrection. This includes chat rooms, the Resurrection chat channel, the Auction chat channel. By flooding these areas, you limit other player's ability to communicate in the open world. Your account will be frozen, or could be banned if it continues. The frequency allowed is determined by an Admin or CSR.
  • I understand and will abide by the "Account & Creation Policy". I understand that I might be subject to deletion of characters or banned if I am caught violating this policy.
  • I will not harrass nor intimidate any other players on the server. This includes all services The SWG Resurrection Project provides "Game Server, Teamspeak or voice server, forums, helpdesk".
  • I will avoid any foul language as much as possible. I understand if I am warned and contine, I can be suspended, frozen, or banned by an Admin or CSR, as necessary.
  • Continued breaking of the above policies can result in a permanent ban.
  • I understand that I must own at least (1) one copy of SWG to play this game. By playing, I agree to hold SWG Resurrection harmless in the event that the "user" was not playing with a legitimate copy of SWG. I understand that if it is found out that I do not own a copy of the game, I will be permanently banned by IP address until such time I can provide proof of ownership of a legitimate copy of the game. We do not provide files you would need to play this game that must be acquired through SWG media. There are documents outling what you need in our knowledgebase, or a CSR or Admin can assist with this if you create a trouble ticket. Obtaining the file via torrent or other services is NOT allowed and will result in your banning of all accounts and characters, up to deletion from our servers.
  • Donations: At the SWG Resurrection Project we do allow donations. These are NOT required and are simply "gifts" to help offset the costs of running the server. We do not charge for services, and you may play freely even if no donation is ever made. We are a 100% free server.

This document is subject to change, be altered, or be revised as needed. Please refer to this document regularly.

We do not wish to see any account or character banned. Please abide by these simple rules, and enjoy the fun! When in doubt, please ask a Admin/Dev/CS represenative and we can avoid breaking any of these issues.

Please utilize our ticket system if you have a question and someone will get back to you via email!

Link to the Help Desk (Ticket and Knowledgebase)