In our SWG Resurrection world, this is a topic that comes up regularly.

Question: "How many accounts can I have?"

Answer: "Our official answer is you can have 5 different accounts, at this time."

Question: "How many characters can I have per account?"

Answer: "The limit is set at 10 characters per account."

Question: "How many characters, per account, can I have online at any one time?"

Answer: "The system will only allow you to login two (2) characters per account at one time."

Question: "Make I create samples, or AFK bot type characters to harvest of AFK farm (combat, resource, gathering, etc)?"

Answer: "We can careless. Sure. As long as you abide by the Account and Character policies above."


You can have 5 accounts. You can have 10 characters per account making that a total of 50 characters. You can have 2 characters on per account at the same time. You can have up to the 5 account minimum on at one time. You can only create a character on the same account every 12 hours. Repeated attempts reset the counter.

NOTE: This is subject to change as the server grows.

If you break this rule, we will/may delete accounts and/or characters that break the rules. We have mechanisms in place to identify duplicate accounts and characters. Every character creation and login attempt is logged.

Please create a ticket if you have any further questions.

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