If you are experiencing seeing or viewing proper rendering of NGE vehicles or housing, please follow the below guide COMPLETELY. It should resolve the issue.

  1. Backup your profile directory or at least your character macro and notes files in the profile directory in c:\swgresurrection
  2. Run the SWG Resurrection uninstaller -> Note: this will NOT remove the directory or new files. 
  3. Manually delete the entire c:\swgresurrection directory.
  4. Download the full launcher from our website: http://www.swgresurrection.com   -> DO NOT use an old version. Get the latest.


        5.Install the latest launcher you just downloaded.

        6.Run the update in the launcher. Update it completely.

        7.Set your config options. Follow the install launcher guide here:

        8.Start the game and enjoy. This should resolve the issue.

If it does not, please submit a ticket.