One of the biggest issues new players to Star Wars Galaxies find is that the controls are not the exact same. The truth is, SWG allows you to completely customize your configuration however you like. More-so than that of modern popular games such as WoW or others.

The way I prefer to run my controls and most other players, is to mimic the standard "W","A","S","D" movement.

Below, I go through selecting a generic MMORPG setup for your controls.

Step 1:

Select the wrench or press "O" for options. You will see the options screen.

Step 2:

Select controls, in the list.

Step 3: 

Select keymap button at the bottom.

Step 4:

On the keyboard, select MMORPG Modeless. This will give you the A,W,S,D buttons and also all other options you are familar with using the mouse and

other controls as other popular MMORPG video games.

Step 5:

Check your grpahics and sound and ensure you have it set best for your video card and sound. Remember, this is an older game, so if you are running

fairly newer hardware, you can crank it up. You can adjust here but be careful to not get the resolution too high. If you do, and cannot get it fixed, the best solution to 

resolving would be to re-install the game, deleting the c:\swgresurrection directory.

Put in a trouble ticket if you have other issues.